Panagia Kera

One of the most popular Byzantine monuments in Crete (13th- 14th A.D.) is located in Logari, one kilometer east of Kritsa. This triple-nave Byzantine church is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, to Saint Anthony and Saint Anna.

It is adorned with superb wall paintings on particular themes such as the representation of Saint Anna, other icons of saints, and the fourteen scenes depicting the secret life of the Virgin Mary.

The main characteristics of all the wall paintings are their vividness, expressiveness and aesthetic perfection. Their existence had been hidden for hundreds of years by earlier Christians in order to avoid their destruction by the Turkish occupiers. It also has three aisles and a dome construction.

Although the Venetians occupied Crete during the period, they allowed the Cretans to decorate their churches as they desired. The rare fresco techniques used and the subject matters make ‘Panagia Kera’ particularly interesting to visit.

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